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CRModels2 is an inference engine for CR-Prolog.

The latest release is 2.0.16. You can see a history of the major changes here.

Crmodels2 is a complete rewrite of the crmodels solver. Version 2.0.16 is the first public release of the new solver. Samples of CR-Prolog programs can be found here and here.

Syntax Restrictions

Programs given in input to CRModels have to satisfy the following requirements.

Installation and Usage

You can find installation and usage instructions in the Readme file.


crmodels2 is distributed under the GNU Public License. IMPORTANT: crmodels2 requires mkatoms and gringo+clasp and to be installed in a directory that occurs in your PATH variable.

Questions, Bugs, etc.

Send emails to


Crmodels2 was written by Marcello Balduccini
Its previous implementation, crmodels, was written by Loveleen Kolvekal and Marcello Balduccini.


The inference engine is described in:
CR-Models: An Inference Engine for CR-Prolog
(available from

Examples of use of CR-Prolog can be found, among other sources, in:
Answer Set Based Design of Highly Autonomous, Rational Agents
Ph.D. Dissertation by Marcello Balduccini
(available here)

Historically, CR-Prolog was introduced in the paper:
Logic Programs with Consistency-Restoring Rules
by Marcello Balduccini and Michael Gelfond
(available here)

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