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RSig is an extension of A-Prolog that allows the definition of modules and the specification of the signature (argument types) of relations and functions.
Here you can download the current implementation of RSig, which is based on lparse. The prototype works as a replacement of lparse.

The latest release is 1.4. You can see a list of the latest major changes here.

The major improvements introduced with the 1.4 release are: An example of an RSig program can be found here.
The latest definition of the syntax and semantics of RSig can be found here.

Installation and Usage

The prototype of RSig is installed and used like lparse.

WARNING: currently, the executable generated when compiling RSig is called lparse. To avoid overwriting your existing copy of lparse during installation, we recommend to rename the executable for rsig as lparse-rsig and to copy it manually to the location where you want it to reside (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

On most systems, RSig can be compiled and installed with the sequence of commands below, where rsig_archive_name is the name of the file you downloaded from this web page:


RSig is distributed under the GNU Public License.

Questions, Bugs, etc.

Send emails to


RSig was designed and implemented by Marcello Balduccini.


Marcello Balduccini, Modules and Signature Declarations for A-Prolog: Progress Report. In Software Engineering for Answer Set Programming Workshop (SEA07), May 2007.

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